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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

As i see her - holding on silently yet someway loosing control :)

As i see her -My adaptation of Julie .. :)

As i see her - her eyes pierce through u as if u r transparent ... she looks beyond yet look away just to indicate she doesnt care what ur thinking of her .

hmmm glass eyes

Saturday, November 25, 2006

hmmm Ahh !! that smile

hmmm waiting for ever if i have to

hmmm my emotions locked inside me

hmmm let my hair down

hmmm ........... wht do u think

hmmm not in a mood to party

Friday, November 24, 2006

hmmm eyeing me

hmmm dress me up

hmmm dreammmmm

hmmm chillax

hmmm hint of smile :)

hmmm look into my eyes

hmmm aahhh that look

hmmm unicorn........

hmmm Damsel

hmmm lethal weapon :)

hmmm waiting for !!!

hmmm AKsssssss

hmmm whts holding u


hmmm fly away with me...

hmmm sweeet face

hmmm light breeze

hmmm beauty can kill

hmmm evil hiding behind the veil

hmmm something odd isnt it

hmmm to be lost in illusion

hmmm rise above

hmmm carefuly careless

hmmm why sooo lost ??

hmmm i wonder why

hmmm lazing

hmmm strike a pose

hmmm preety face all made up

hmmm That glass look